13 Vegan Salad Dressings to Make You Crave Any Salad

Slather anything in vegan ranch dressing and even the vegetable-averse will happily gobble it up. We’re conditioned as children to take our veggies with a quarter-cup of Hidden Valley, and while we’ve learned to ask for dressing on the side and expanded our options to include vinaigrettes and tahini-based sauces, salad dressing remains a crucial component of any leafy green dish. These condiments quite literally dress up a salad—transforming the bland into indulgent with a simple drizzle. Whether you toss it all together or methodically stick a fork into the dressing before each bite, a salad without dressing is downright sad. Here are seven vegan salad dressings to buy and to make to gussy up any bowl of greens.

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7 vegan salad dressing recipes

1 Carrot Ginger Dressing

Offering a citrusy kick without feeling spicy, this light vegan salad dressing provides just the right amount of zing to complement fresh vegetables, tofu, and chilled soba noodles. Not every day has to be a ranch day.
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2 Tahini Caesar Dressing

Traditional Caesar dressing includes puréed anchovies and dairy to create an addictively good umami flavor profile. The combination of tahini, capers, nutritional yeast, and capers provides the same burst of flavor without the funky fish blend. All you need is a head of romaine, vegan croutons, and this simple dressing to toss together a crowd-pleasing vegan salad.
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3 Maple-Mustard Dressing

Sweet yet tangy, this creamy emulsion of sweet maple syrup and bold Dijon mustard pairs well with a variety of greens from peppery arugula to mild mixed greens. It also doubles as an excellent dipping sauce for vegan chicken nuggets or seared tempeh.
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4 Italian Vinaigrette

There are two fabulous applications for this herby vinaigrette. One is a salad made up of lettuce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, olives, and shaved vegan parmesan cheese. The other is not a salad at all: pasta salad. When toothsome rotini or farfalle pasta sits in this flavorful dressing, pasta becomes even more appetizing. This dish is perfect for outdoor events or hot days.
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5 French Vinaigrette

French vinaigrette differentiates itself from its Italian cousin by way of its herbs and spices. The former requires less ingredients and tends to be a bit more versatile when it comes to salad pairings. We love using this on vegan Nicoise salads or even over a very simple bowl of hand-torn greens.
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6 Creamy Herb Dressing

Those who believe you can never have too much dill need to try this recipe. It’s thick, creamy, decadent, but not heavy thanks to the sneaky silken tofu and plenty of fresh herbs blended in. Generously drizzle this dressing over crisp, hearty greens or dip crudités to your stomach’s content.
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7 Sesame Soy Dressing

This standout vegan dressing is creamy, spicy, and slightly nutty—truly emblematic of an umami-based condiment. To tame down the heat, go lighter on the sriracha. Try it over a vegan poke bowl, cold soba noodle salad, or plant-based sushi.
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6 vegan store-bought salad dressings

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1 Follow Your Heart

Stock up on all eight Follow your heart vegan salad dressings, and you’ll be set for any kind of salad you can dream up. The range includes classics such as plant-based honey mustard, Thousand Island, and Caesar in addition to novelty options like Creamy Garlic and Reduced-Fat Ranch. Pro tip: if you’re a ranch-on-pizza kind of person, the Creamy Garlic is definitely something you should try.
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VegNews.MotherRawMother Raw

2 Mother Raw

Looking for a clean salad dressing that won’t add junk to your healthy bowl of veggies? All of Mother Raw’s products are made with plant-based ingredients that provide nutrition—not empty calories. Our favorites include Smokey Chipotle, Roasted Garlic Caesar, and Creamy Tahini. All of these double as dips in addition to dressings.
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3 Dayiya

Reach for a Daiya dressing if you’re in the mood for something thick and creamy to toss with your leafies. Flavors include decadent Homestyle Ranch, Creamy Italian, Hon’y Mustard, Blue Cheeze, and Creamy Ceasar. These options aren’t light, but they’re perfect for enticing picky eaters to gobble up a few more greens.
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4 Hidden Valley

The brand that hooked us all on the creamy blend of secret herbs and spices delivered through a mayo-esque emulsion now makes a vegan version identical to the original. Coined Plant Powered Ranch, the product quietly debuted in 2021, offering a one-for-one swap to its dairy- and egg-based predecessor. Hidden Valley loyalists rejoice.
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VegNews.PlantJunkiePlant Junkie

5 Plant Junkie

Several brands carry the basics, but Plant Junkie is one of the few producing a vegan blue cheese salad dressing. This new item is thick, creamy, and just funky enough to remind us of the classic wedge salads we downed in our pre-vegan days. Pour it over quartered slices of crisp iceberg lettuce or let it double as a dip for spicy vegan chicken wings.
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VegNews.PlantPerfectPlant Perfect

6 Plant Perfect

Green Goddess salad dressing is one of the outliers when it comes to condiments, but it certainly has its place. Plant Perfect offers a solid vegan option for all who worship this mythical flavor goddess, along with several other tasty products like tangy Cilantro Lime and spicy Chipotle Ranch.
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