16 Vegan Seafood Options That Are Swimming in Flavor

First came beefy, “bleeding” vegan burgers. Next, plant-based chicken swooped in as competitors raced to deliver their vegan alternatives to the masses. And now, vegan seafood has entered the chat. From smoked salmon to crispy crab cakes, chewy shrimp, and sushi-grade tuna, the world of vegan seafood is nothing short of a treasure trove. Whether you’re already fish-free or seriously contemplating it, here are sixteen vegan seafood products to pile in your cart.

VegNews.OceanHuggerSushiOcean Hugger Foods

1Ocean Hugger Foods

This sushi-grade plant-based seafood company was hit hard by the pandemic. While its raw tomato-based tuna was met with constant praise, the founders decided to pause production in June 2020 due to the uncertain times. In March of last year, the company announced that it is planning a triumphant return after partnering with a Thailand-based global manufacturer of sustainable foods. You’ll have to wait a little longer, but Ocean Hugger products will return to retailers and foodservice businesses. Follow them on Instagram (@oceanhuggerfoods) for the latest updates.
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VegNews.GoodCatchGood Catch

2Good Catch

From the founders of the popular Wicked Healthy blog and ready-made meal brand, Good Catch has wowed the world with its cooked tuna products. The line of packaged vegan tuna, crabless cakes, and more are available at hundreds of locations across the US and Canada including Whole Foods, Wegmans, Gelsons, and Veggie Grill.
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VegNews.NewWaveShrimpNew Wave Foods

3 New Wave Foods Shrimps

When replicating animal products, it’s often the texture that stumps many chefs and innovators. Shrimp was particularly difficult to replicate, until New Wave Foods cracked the code with its algae-based vegan shrimp—the first of its kind. This plant-based shrimp mimics that distinct chew of cooked shrimp perfectly, and the taste is equally on point. The distribution is limited for now, but after closing an $18 million finance round, New Wave is looking to make a splash on restaurant menus.
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4 Garden

Craving something fried? Gardein is a pioneer in the vegan fish sector after gaining a loyal consumer base by sampling its Crabless Cakes at festivals before the pandemic hit. The Fishless Filets and Mini Crabless Cakes are widely available across the US at most major supermarkets and health food stores. Bring on the chips and vegan tartar sauce!
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VegNews.AllVegetarianShrimpAll Vegetarian

5All Vegetarian

Not only are these fishy products all vegetarian, but they’re also all vegan, too. This company started out as a wholesale business, selling only to restaurants, but it has since expanded to the retail sector. Look for its perfectly chewy vegan shrimp and shrimp balls at your local vegan grocer or online.
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6 BeLeaf

There are a handful of companies making vegan shrimp, but BeLeaf may be the only one mass-producing plant-based ribbon fish (aka salmon steaks). The tender piece of vegan seafood is made with a mix of soybeans, wheat gluten, seaweed, and spices to nail the flaky fish texture and the clean salmon taste. Unlike animal-based salmon, this filet is easy to cook up. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about any bones.
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Looking for some major umami to schmear on your bagel? Try JINKA’s vegan tuna fish spread. Not quite cream cheese and not quite tuna salad, this smearable, slightly textured tuna works as a dip, spread, filling, and topper. Flavors come in Original, Lemon and Dill, and Spicy. Find it online or at select Bay Area health food stores.
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VegNews.SophiesKitchenTowerSophie’s Kitchen

8 Sophie’s Kitchen

Yes, the vegan seafood is excellent, but we’re really in love with the tagline: Plant-based seafood that’s tasty AF (as fish). This long-standing vegan company makes an assortment of fishy products including breaded shrimp and fish filets, sliced ​​smoked salmon, crab cakes, and canned toona. If you’re looking for plant-based seafood, Sophie’s is a stellar one-stop-shop.
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VegNews.TUNOLomaLindaLoma Linda

9 Loma Linda Tuno

Whether you’re looking for canned or pouched vegan tuna, the Loma Linda brand has you covered. While we’ve already mentioned a few plant-based tunas on this list, the flavors of this brand are absolute standouts. Tasty varieties include Thai Sweet Chili, Sesame Ginger, Sriracha, Lemon Pepper, and pure Spring Water. Hello, vegan sriracha tuna melt!
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10 Plant Based Foods Cavi-art

Oh, you fancy! Cavi-art has created vegan caviar for the refined and sophisticated palates. These salty umami pearls are made from seaweed, water, salt, spice extracts, and a stabilizer to give them that unique fish egg texture—without the fish. Like fish eggs, vegan caviar is a rare find in stores, but anyone can purchase a case online at Vegan Essentials. You have to try it at least once!
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VegNews.GoldieLoxvegansalmonGoldie Lox

11Goldie Lox

Created by a scientist turned chef, this vegan smoked salmon is a must-have for any Sunday brunch spread. These fishless strips are made using organic carrots, dill, salt, and tamari for a smoky flavor perfect for topping on your favorite bagel. Find it in select San Francisco grocers or online.
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VegNewsHungryPlanetCrabCakesHungry Planet

12Hungry Planet

Founded to improve human and planetary health, Hungry Planet and its selection of plant-based meats aren’t to be missed. These chef-crafted alternatives were perfected over a decade-long research and development, and the proof is in the pudding. These crispy, golden crabless cakes are packed with fiber and proetin, and are sure to be a hit with everyone at your kitchen table.
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VegNews.SavedaSeafoodsSave da Sea Foods

13 Save da Sea Foods

When it comes to seafood staples, this Canada-based brand has you covered. Choose between tuna salad, classic smoked salmon, or smoked salmon with dill and capers. All products are free of gluten and soy, making them allergen friendly too boot.
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VegNews.ThePlantBasedSeafoodCoThe Plant Based Seafood Co

14 The Plant Based Seafood Co

This women-operated, family-owned company isn’t just whipping up vegan fish—they’re wowing us with spice-dusted vegan scallops. Elevate your dinner with a helping of these konjac-based bites (ready in just two minutes!). Don’t forget the wine.
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VegNews.VeganZestarVegan Zeastar

15th Vegan Zeastar

It’s no surprise this vegan sashimi went viral. These realstic slabs of tuna and salmon sashimi took our collective breath away, and their familiar tastes and textures kept us coming back for more. Don’t miss Vegan Zeastar’s Shrimpz (in Crispy Lemon and Crispy Chili flavors), Kalamariz, and Tasty Cod. It’s a vegan seafood extravaganza!
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VegNews.CurrentFoodsVeganTuna2Current Foods

16 Current Foods

Previously known as Kuleana, food technology startup Current Foods is making a splash in the vegan seafood sector. The brand’s sushi-grade vegan tuna was named one of the best 100 inventions of 2021 by TIME magazine. Free of the top eight allergens, this plant-based tuna is made from a blend of bamboo, potatoes, radish, tomatoes, algae, and peas. The results? Familiar flavors and perfect textures that will make you forget about the real deal.
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