An Up-Close Look at What Celebrities Are Eating to Stay Healthy

There’s the South Beach Diet, the Ketogenic Diet, the Zone Diet and more, but the diet of most celebs has been opting to share on social media is a clean one. From bee pollen cakes to healthy banana splits, here’s an up-close look at the menu.

Detox Do’s

What does it take to complete a celebrity detox? In Bethenny Frankel’s world, it’s three juices a day, a large serving of butternut squash soup and almond milk matcha lattes. He Mindy Kaling’s side, it’s a Goop-inspired vegetable- and lentil-filled soup, which she likes to make after a few not-so-healthy days of eating frosted cookies.

Tempt Fate

Even when her coworker goes for a chocolate bar, Zoe Saldana stands strong. In a posted video, the Guardians of The Galaxy star opts for a handful of blueberries, completing day 12 of her month-long Clean Program challenge.

A bee-lovable

Actress Beth Behrs may like baking cakes, but she’s leaving processed sugars out of the equation. Sweetened with honey from her bees, this treat not only “tastes delicious,” but Behrs says the bee pollen offers an added boost of energy, too.

Veggie Forward

Alicia Silverstone celebrates Taco Tuesday with a vegan twist, Kate Hudson shares her low-carb, squash-style lasagna, and chef Padma Lakshmi recreates a childhood favorite: chipotle coleslaw, which features a slew of rainbow-colored vegetables and her go-to healthier-mayo substitute.

Perfect Match

Tiffani Thiessen and Chrissy Teigen love to take to social media to share recipes and write about what they’re eating. Thiessen, who spends her free time writing healthy recipes and creative life hacks on her blog, recently debuted her spin on a traditional yogurt parfait; Teigen took some inspiration from yogurt with what she has coined the “dirty healthy” banana split.

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