Balancing budgeting and healthy eating

Courtney Parrott

Consumers may see an increase in food prices at their next grocery store visit, which can complicate healthy eating habits. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts have examined what drives consumers to purchase certain foods and how rising prices can impact choices at the grocery store.

As National Nutrition Month comes to a close, it is important to remember to stay mindful of healthy purchases while maintaining a budget.

“The average American food choices surround taste, price and convenience,” said Jenna Anding, Ph.D., RDN, AgriLife Extension nutrition specialist in the Texas A&M Department of Food Science and Technology, Bryan-College Station.

Anding said consumer trends point to healthfulness more and more as the driver of food choices, but in the current landscape, price may be the most powerful determining factor.

The economic factor

“We are seeing the largest increase in prices since the early 1980s,” said David Anderson, Ph.D., AgriLife Extension Professor and Economist in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

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