Honor the people of Ukraine by cooking up some Vegan Ukrainian Borscht

Borscht consists of beets, carrots, onion, broth, cabbage, potato and more.

“Food grew scarce,” writes New Yorker correspondent Joshua Yaffa, “a loaf of bread was a rare delicacy.”

In his dispatch from Ukraine, Yaffa reports on life recently in the northern Ukraine city of Chernihiv, under siege for 39 days. Seven hundred people were killed during the blockade; many more died from a lack of food and medical care and from freezing temperatures.

Yaffa tells the story of Oleksandr and Ludmila, a husband and wife who split up during the siege — one to find food, the other water — who were never reunited.

Since the Russian invasion, people everywhere seem to be feeling helpless, angry and despairing over human nature, asking the question, “Are we ever doomed to repeat the same mistakes?”

Vegan Ukrainian Borscht and a sandwich.

In such shattering times, when faced with the soul-numbing reality of war, we crave stories and connections, to be able to put a face to horrors happening far away.

One thing we can do is to learn more about the cultures and histories of our planet and to think deeply about how they interrelate. What do we know about Ukraine? Some bits pulled from research: Ukraine is considered one of the breadbaskets of the world. It has extensive, fertile land, and has been one of the largest grain exporters in the world. Yet, it is also among the poorest countries in Europe.

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