How To Stop Being Hangry When Eating Healthy | Becky Smith

We’ve all been there. You’re hungry and have nothing readily available to eat and find yourself wondering what to do.

For those of you interested in eating healthy or reducing or eliminating a food or ingredient like gluten, it helps to have some strategies to keep yourself well-fed and happy.

It’s when you’re hangry and depleted when food choices can run amok! This is the “enemy” of healthy eating.

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How do you make healthy food choices?

With our busy lifestyles, cooking all our meals at home can feel like a pipe dream. Continuous meal planning isn’t always feasible either, even if you do get to cook more often than most.

Sometimes, you might have part of a meal at home, but are missing quite a few items. This is when it’s a good idea to discover the many sources for foods that are near you and may be hiding in plain sight.

Think of it as an investigation of what’s in your near vicinity.

What can you have delivered or go pick up quickly?

You can start your search online, but best to go inside these different establishments to see the food, read the labels, and potentially smell the aromas to really find out what’s available.


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