Kentucky Derby Party recipes, tips for 2022 food and drink trends

Whether you’re inviting one guest or a dozen, planning a menu for your at-home Kentucky Derby party can be a headache. Food is more expensive, and you may be out of practice from hosting during the pandemic.

Instead of worrying about new recipes, you can spruce up your usual party offerings easily by folding in the trendiest flavors of the year as accents. Supermarket News analysts say 92% of US families plan to continue eating together at home at least as often as they do now, and cooking fatigue is a real thing.

If you want to get excited in the kitchen again, a great way to do it is by trying something new, whether that’s adding a dash of spice, a new flavor, or switching things up completely to a plant-based dish.

Here are some national food trends perfect for spring, the Kentucky Derby and all the celebration the season brings.

Add hibiscus to your Kentucky Derby cocktails

The "Hibiscus Highball" cocktail by Heather Wibbels, whiskey mixologist and managing director of Bourbon Women.

Hibiscus has a long history infused in teas, but now it’s spreading to everything from fruit spreads to yogurts and, of course, cocktails. Hibiscus even has health benefits like being high in antioxidants and good for lowering blood pressure.

Heather Wibbels, the author of “Cocktail Contessa” and managing director for Bourbon Women, said hibiscus syrups can be used to turn cocktails a brilliant fuchsia color, which is particularly lovely for cocktails in glasses.

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